Monsters of Men - Music conference on February 25th in Harpa

Music surrounds us all the day. Either in the bar, the gym, privately at home, while shopping clothes or groceries, in the car or on music concert. Since it is such an important part of our life - just imagine a world without it - and because Iceland has been famous for its music scene ever since, we will host a conference where participants can listen to interesting keynotes from influential and expertised personalities from the industry. They will mainly focus on Iceland's role, the current development and its future perspectives.

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When Music Meets Business?

Heather Kolker, Paradigm, agent and manager of Of Monsters and Men


All that Icelandic music has to offer as an export industry

Sigtryggur Baldursson, Útón (Export office of icelandic music)


Help we are synch-ing!

The sale of soundbites - the fastest growing part in the sale of music. Why, how and all the complications that follow. Does Iceland stand a chance?

Daddi Guðbergsson, E4      


María Rut Reynisdóttir, agent and manager of Ásgeir


Language : English

Chairman: Stefán Hjörleifsson, Skynjun