Possible economic sanctions over whaling

The US Department of Interior noticed that Iceland’s whaling does not fulfil the North Atlantic Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Within 60 days, President Barack Obama has to decide whether Iceland is sanctioned. In 2011, the president decided against sanctions but he initiated diplomatic consequences to raise awareness.

Iceland and Norway are the only countries which do not meet the global moratorium on commercial whaling, introduced in 1986. The moratorium helps to conserve the number of whales after they have almost been eradicated, said US Interior Secretary Sally Jewell.

Although Japan is hunting hundreds of whales every year, the country is technically complying to the moratorium because its activities fall into the category “lethal research”. Furthermore, it is remarkable that relatively few whale meat is consumed by Icelanders. In fact, the main share is exported to the Japanese market. 


Source: IceNews, 12 February 2014