Final report for Tuesday's music conference at Harpa

Today’s event at Harpa concert hall attracted quite a large number of people, which continues to describe the influential position that Icelandic music is occupying. Not less than five experts from various segments of the music industry (including Chairman Stefán Hjörleifsson) talked about their market observations and shared interesting stories from their day-to-day business, as well as providing a big picture of the overall development of Icelandic artists abroad. Consequently, Heather Kolker, agent and manager of Of Monsters and Men, received a great level of attention for her insights to band’s career, proving that success is as dependent on a professional strategy as it is on talent. Sigtryggur (Manager of added that the boom of Iceland’s music industry is not reduced to a few bands, since the overall number of gigs grew to 1400 in 2013, making it a 200% increase in comparison to the year before. However, this development is heavily relying on foreign markets (mainly the US), because Iceland itself has not enough capacities for a profitable success in the long run.

All speakers made a significant effort to involve the audience in their presentations. María (agent of Ásgeir), for example, created a mind map of the artist’s organizational network, or Daddi (Music publisher at E4), who consulted Google’s AdWords, counting the amount of search requests for specific terms, in order to discover trends and describe the relevance of Iceland’s music scene (both examples are attached below).


AMIS would like to thank all the participants and speakers for their informative contributions and the Harpa concert hall for being an excellent location for these kind of events.

See attachments and pictures below for more information. 


 1. María's mind map (visualized by American - Icelandic Chamber of Commerce)

2. Daddi's Google AdWords statistics (soon to follow)